You will be giving a step by step training from scratch to your first money making company. I know the this price will sweep you off your feet, but hey! a lot of people spend more than this on ponzi-schemes, pay people to trade on forex for them, even spend more betting matches. Why don't you take the leap, master this once and for all and sell by yourself instead of asking someone to do it for you. With the E-commerce master class everything is covered. This Program is charged in Nigerian Naira (150000 Naira) and the USD equivalent is displayed in the price section. You will be redirected.

365 9563(-96.18%)

About this product

Your Can Join the E-commerce masterclass, and get a full step-by-step training.

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There is a saying that goes "if education is expensive, try illiteracy"

It is expensive, I know what a lot of people are facing right now.

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This is a complete guide to making your first money online.